A4 Zecom®-Tac Blank Self-Adhesive Laser Printable A4 Waterproof Paper for Labels


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Self-adhesive A4 laser printable waterproof paper



Zecom®-TAC, our self-adhesive Zecom® waterproof label has all the properties of Zecom® paper but comes with a high-tack acrylic adhesive on the back, allowing you to make totally weatherproof signs and labels.

Zecom® is an artificial paper which is totally waterproof and which is specifically designed for use in conditions of high levels of heat: it can be used in laser printers or photocopiers, or in extreme field conditions where standard waterproof papers might be subject to heat distortion. Zecom® also exhibits extreme tear strength making it suitable for spiral binding, stapling or other ultra-secure binding processes. Offset litho yields clear and stable results on Zecom®.

Zecom® is Not suitable for ink jet printing as is too hydrophobic to enable ink jet ink drying.

Colour: opaque white

Surface finish: matt.

Print characteristics: Zecom can be printed on by photocopier, laserprinter, typewriter, by litho and screen print; and written on by pen, pencil, standard ball pen, waterproof ball pen, and all waterproof and non-waterproof markers.

Size: 297mm x 210mm (A4)

Static charge: very low
Chemical characteristics
Coating: Inorganic coating
Base material: organic heat resistant film
U.V. effect. Print degradation laser print (black)
External south facing UK: grey scale degradation
12 month 3%
24 month 5%

Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Quantity of sheets

Zecom®-Tac A4 (20 Sheets), Zecom®-Tac A4 (50 Sheets)

1 review for A4 Zecom®-Tac Blank Self-Adhesive Laser Printable A4 Waterproof Paper for Labels

  1. Harley Quilliam (verified owner)

    ZECOM-TAC is a remarkable waterproof paper! 6 years ago I made ‘test’ labels with it, using a colour laser printer, stuck them onto a not-that-smooth piece of slate, and placed them in the garden. They have been exposed to 6 years of hot sun, rain, sleet, snow and ice, not to mention bird and animal mess. Recently I washed the labels with clean water. The black-on-white labels are as good now as they were when they were ‘planted’. The coloured labels (red, green and yellow) faired poorly, with almost all of the colour disappearing. In all cases they are still very firmly attached to the slate.
    So, for black-on-white weatherproof labels ZECOM-TAC is unbeatable and highly recommended, but coloured labels do not survive.

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