A3 Zecom® Blank Laser Printable Waterproof Paper



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*Coronavirus update* Zecom® waterproof paper can be sanitised using alcohol wipes without losing any integrity. We recommend using it for all office or outdoor notices. If you need adhesive Zecom® please look at our Zecom-TAC. Make your own waterproof and hygienic signs.

Zecom® is our best laser printable waterproof paper. If you do not have a laser printer but do have a photocopier it is worth buying it and photocopying it as it is totally waterproof and does not fade in the sun.

Zecom® waterproof paper is our bestseller, simply because it is the best, most useful waterproof paper available. It has the ability to withstand immense heat so can be laser printed and photocopied without melting. It is tough so does not tear and is UV stable, so the images you print will not fade. If you need to expose paper to rain or sun, Zecom is the obvious choice.

It can be printed on both sides in full colour or black and white and is impossible to tear using your bare hands, making it a very robust paper for outdoor conditions. A3: 420mm x 297mm and is 120 microns thick, 165gsm in weight, making it suitable for use in home or office printers. It has a very low static charge, significantly reducing the likelihood of it jamming in a printer.  NB You cannot use Zecom® in ink-jet printers as it will not allow the ink to be absorbed into the paper.

UV effect (grey scale degradation): 12 months 3%, 24 months 5%
Zecom can be printed on by photocopier, laserprinter, typewriter, by litho and screen print, and written on by pen, pencil, standard ball pen, waterproof ball pen and all waterproof and non-waterproof markers. NOT suitable for ink-jet printers.

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Weight 2100 g
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100 Sheets


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