LapDog – Carry case and Portable workstation for laptops

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The LapDog is designed to keep your laptop safe in wind, sun and from prying eyes. In its closed state it looks like a large briefcase. Open, it is transformed into a portable workstation.

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The LapDog is the ultimate home for your laptop. It is both a carry case and a portable workstation. When you want to use your laptop outside, or want to ensure privacy inside, undo the velcro, pull up the top of the case, and you suddenly have a fully functioning workspace. Just open your laptop and start working. When you want to be on the move again, secure your laptop using the internal strap, push down on the lid of the LapDog and close the velcro fastening. You now have your laptop safely secured in its carry case without having to remove it.

  • Protection against sun and rain
  • Privacy from onlookers
  • Easy to use
  • Storage and in-use protection from the same case
  • No need to “put it together” – just pull it open, push it shut
  • Carrying handles and adjustable strap
  • Storage room at the back for peripherals
  • Reduces the chance that you will leave something behind – everything stays within the case
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK



Closed (WxDxH): 40cm x 40cm x 9cm

Open (WxDxH): 40cm x 40cm x 41cm


Maximum laptop dimensions

Width: 36cm (from left to right)

Open height: 26cm (top of screen to bottom of laptop)

Depth: 25cm (from front to back)



There is space at the back of the LapDog to store peripherals such as charging cables. Depending on the size of your laptop and the position of your charging point, not all laptops may be able to be charged whilst inside the Lapdog. As a general rule, charging points at the back of the laptop will have space, charging points in the middle of either side may not have room.

As we have done with the WeatherWriter, there will be refinements over time, so please do email us with ideas for improvement.

Thank you for supporting British manufacturing.


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