About Us

The Weather Writer® was designed in Suffolk in the 1970s after one too many days working with soggy notes. It has gone through many improvements over the years to ensure its ability to withstand hard use. Many of the materials we use are manufactured to our exact specifications (e.g. we use a very high grade plastic that is super soft and does not crack in cold weather) and we source virtually all our materials from the UK and Europe. All of our WeatherWriter® are made by us in the UK so you can be assured that you are buying a quality made, British product. As the inventor of the waterproof clipboard, you can trust us that we have the expertise to provide you with a well made, reliable product.

Over the years we have broadened our product range to offer more outdoor writing equipment. 10 years ago we introduced our highly popular WaterBooks – our totally waterproof notebooks. Most “waterproof” notebooks are actually only water resistant as they are made of paper that is coated with wax. Ours are made of plastic and are indestructible. What makes them fantastic to use is that you can write on them with pencil or biro due to the very special coating we have put on the sheets. Treat them as if they are normal paper, but use them in all weather conditions. We test ours by putting them through a washing machine.

For office based printing we offer our wonderful Zecom® paper. This can be laser jet printed or photocopied and allows you to print any text or picture, in any colour, onto waterproof paper. Again, this is indestructible. Unlike other printable waterproof “paper” it has extremely low static, meaning it will print smoothly without jamming your machine. For those of you preferring to print using an inkjet printer we also offer our WaterJet® paper.

Please have a look at our website – there is lots there in addition to the products mentioned. If there is anything you would find helpful but cannot buy, please email us at [email protected] or ring on 01473 890285 and we can see whether we can help you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your WeatherWriter® or any of our other products, please let us know and we will refund or replace it.