A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard


Made in the UK, the WeatherWriter® waterproof clipboard has been trusted to protect your notes from the rain and wind for over 20 years. On wet or windy days release the hook and loop fastening to automatically open up the sprung, clear hood. You can now read and write on your papers whilst keeping them protected from the rain and wind. On dry days, keep the WeatherWriter® closed, turn it onto its back and use it as you would a normal clipboard.


Optional Extras


As a larger WeatherWriter, the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard has two internal paperclips rather than just one. This means you can use the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard to hold both A3 paper as well as two A4 pages side-by-side. It also comes with two clips on the back. This means that you can keep it closed on dry days and use it on its reverse side – effectively turning it into a standard clipboard.

We have made several changes to the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard over the last 20 years. Robustness is always at the forefront of our design changes. The plastic we use is made in Europe for us (and only us) and is specially softened so that it does not crack in cold conditions. Standard plastic used in standard clipboards will crack within days. Our material is also UV stabilised which means it will not discolour in the sun. The see-through plastic in the hood is crystal clear so you can see your notes without any distortion. We have designed your A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard to be a reliable companion for all your trips outside.

More recently we have invented a practical solution for lifting the internal clips. This is especially useful on the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard as it contains 2 internal clips. Our new patented Secure Lift™ technology enables both of the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard’s internal clips to be lifted at the same time from the outside. This allows you to easily access your notes, whilst keeping them dry and away from wet arms.

Listening to customer feedback, we introduced a double clip version of our waterproof clipboard range several years ago. This has clips at the top and bottom of the back of the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard and stops papers flapping in the wind when they are placed on the back of the clipboard.

You are able to add extras to your WeatherWriter PRO such as our popular Safety Neck Cord attachment as well as our full torch system for night-time outings and an equipment strap for stopwatches.


Why choose an A3 Landscape WeatherWriter PRO Waterproof Clipboard?

  • Made in the UK to the highest standards
  • The original waterproof clipboard, designed and redesigned to last
  • Specially softened plastic (to our “recipe”) to prevent cracking in cold weather
  • Crystal clear top plastic so no distortion when reading through the hood
  • Automatically opens when you undo the hook and loop flap
  • 2 clips inside so 2 sheets of A4 paper can be held side-by-side or 1 sheet of A3 paper
  • You can store multiple sheets of paper in the WeatherWriter
  • Hands-free access to your paper. You can release your paper from the outside of the WeatherWriter® PRO using our black Secure Lift lifter at the top. No need for wet arms inside the WeatherWriter® PRO
  • Choose to release both internal clips at once or just one at a time. To release both clips pull on the middle of the Secure Lift lifter. Use the left side of the lifter to release the left clip. To release the right clip only, pull on the right side of the lifter
  • 2 internal pen pockets – perfect for our waterproof pressurised pens
  • Lightweight and easy for you to carry
  • Stainless steel sprung-frame so no risk of rusting
  • On dry days you can keep the A3 Landscape WeatherWriter® PRO Waterproof Clipboard closed and use the clips on the back as you would a normal clipboard
  • Choose our “double external clip” version if you want to hold your paper top and bottom on the back


WeatherWriter® is a registered trademark. Our WeatherWriter® Waterproof Clipboards are patented and should not be confused with any other waterproof clipboards. They are made in the UK and are the original waterproof clipboard.

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Weight 1100 g


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