WaterWriter® Waterproof Pen (pack of 3)

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WaterWriter® is our solution to the problems of writing in wet, greasy or gritty conditions.

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WaterWriter® Waterproof Pen (pack of 3) or single pen

WaterWriter® waterproof pen is our solution to the problems of writing in wet, greasy or gritty conditions.

Pressurised, waterproof ink

Our Waterwriter pen’s ink is pressurised so it constantly flows towards the nib. This means that you can hold it at any angle (even upside down) and it will still work. The days of having to shake a pen to make it work are long gone.

You can use it to write on all our waterproof papers (and any other paper) without smudging – even on our Tyvek A4 Waterproof Paper which is notoriously difficult to write on.

Soft-grip barrel

A lot of pens are cold to the touch and have a shiny outer. Knowing well how hard it can be to grip a pen when your hands are wet or cold, we wanted the WaterWriter to have an easy-to-grip surface. As a result, the barrel of the WaterWriter has a specially moulded outer to give an ultimate grip. Made of a rubberised material, it is really comfortable to hold. It also has a shorter barrel than most pens, but contains the same amount of ink.

Mechanism free pen

Particularly robust, we have designed the WaterWriter waterproof pen without a spring mechanism so that grit/dirt cannot penetrate the inner workings. It really is the hardiest, most comfortable, pen out there. Put it in your pocket and it will not leak.

Designed to stay put on tilting surfaces

We have designed the WaterWriter pen with a “non-roll” end, reducing the chance that it will roll off a surface in choppy conditions.


We have also incorporated into the design a well ventilated cap to assist with safety in case the cap is inadvertently swallowed. However this is a professional item and should not be given to children to use.

Pack of 3, black. Now also available as a single waterproof pen.


Why choose a WaterWriter waterproof pen?

  • Waterproof ink
  • Pressurised so you can write using it upside down and the ink will still flow to the nib
  • Special soft-grip body – ideal for cold, wet hands
  • No springs so nothing to break
  • Smaller body so easy to carry, but same amount of ink
  • Ink colour: Black
  • Works on all our waterproof paper and WaterBooks, as well as ordinary paper

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